Thursday, February 28, 2008

The two eggs finally hatched today ! The white egg (#C8) hatched at~10am today while the hairy egg (#C9) hatched at ~4pm. Both eggs took 5 days to hatch.

Below are photos of the two 1st instar caterpillars.

#C8 is the bigger of the two, at 3.5mm long. It has a turf of hair on its posterior (pic top-left). After about an hour it started spinning threads to build a 'nest' (pic bottom-left) for itself.

I was getting worried when #C9 did not hatch at noon. I finally breaths a sigh of relieve when #C9 hatched in the evening. It is tiny, only 2mm long !

One thing that puzzled me is the size of the egg and caterpillar of these 2 skippers. I saw both females lay eggs. The #C8 female is smaller than #C9 but its egg and caterpillar are bigger than that of #C9!

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