Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rapala iarbus iarbus (Common Red Flash)

Name : Rapala iarbus iarbus
Common Name : Common Red Flash

Larva Host Plant
Name : Urena lobata
Common Name : Pink Mallow
Family : Malvacea (Hibiscus family)

Note : This is also the larva host plant for Neptis hylas papaja (Common Sailor)

Life History Record

Date : 22 Feb 2009
Location : Johor, along highway 3 after Kota Tinggi

Host plant : Urena lobata

Larva :

Pupa :

Adult :


Unknown said...

Hi Green Baron,

What you have shown on the last photo is a female [i]Rapala iarbus iarbus [/i](Common Red Flash) and NOT a [i]Rapala pheretima sequiera [/i](Copper Flash) :)

Green Baron said...

Thanks for pointing out. You are absolutely right. I must be getting old . ;)