Sunday, March 8, 2009

Neptis hylas papaja (Common Sailor)

Name : Netis hylas papaja
Common Name : Common Sailor
Family : Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae

Larva host plant :
Name : Urena lobata (Pink Mallow)
Family : Malvacea (Hibiscus family)
Note : This is also the larva host plant for Rapala iarbus (Common Red Flash)

Neptis hylas papaja-MYBunker-20090222_0056-360

Life History Record

Date : 22 Feb 2009
Location : Bunker Trail, Johor, Malaysia

Larva host plant : Urena lobata

Larva :

Neptis hylas papaja-MYBunker-20090222_0068-600

Neptis hylas papaja-MyBunker-20090303_0383-600
Pupa :

Neptis hylas papaja-MyBunker-20090310_0340-stack-600 Neptis hylas papaja-MyBunker-20090310_0334a-600

Adult :

Neptis hylas papaja-MYBunker-20090222_0056-360


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