Tuesday, February 24, 2009

January caterpillars

These are some of the caterpillars I have reared recently :

1. Eupanacra elegantulus - I received an sms sometime in Jan from a member from a local gardening forum asking if I want a caterpillar that is feeding on her Philodendron.


Adult moth

2. Cethosia cyane euanthes (Leopard Lacewing) - I received a note from a Zhonghua Primary School parent volunteer asking if I would like to have some Leopard Lacewing cats. It seems the passiflora vine at the school is 'attacked' by the Leopard Lacewing cats. Leopard Lacewing is a new migrant from Malaysia/Thailand and is now the most common Lacewing in Singapore. The other two lacewings, namely the Malay and Plain Lacewing are cofined to more forested area.


Adult butterfly