Tuesday, February 24, 2009

January caterpillars

These are some of the caterpillars I have reared recently :

1. Eupanacra elegantulus - I received an sms sometime in Jan from a member from a local gardening forum asking if I want a caterpillar that is feeding on her Philodendron.


Adult moth

2. Cethosia cyane euanthes (Leopard Lacewing) - I received a note from a Zhonghua Primary School parent volunteer asking if I would like to have some Leopard Lacewing cats. It seems the passiflora vine at the school is 'attacked' by the Leopard Lacewing cats. Leopard Lacewing is a new migrant from Malaysia/Thailand and is now the most common Lacewing in Singapore. The other two lacewings, namely the Malay and Plain Lacewing are cofined to more forested area.


Adult butterfly


Dan Thomas said...

Great pictures! Do you know what kind of caterpillar is pictured? Very vibrant colors. Thanks for sharing.

Dan Thomas

Green Baron said...

That is the caterpillar of the Cethosia cyane, the Leopard Lacewing butterfly.