Monday, February 18, 2008

I tried to update my Blog from China this evening but alas I can't reach from the hotel. It seems has been blocked in China. To get around this, I had to access via VPN.

I have started a list the caterpillers I rear here. The 2nd Baron caterpillar, C#4 pupated this morning, Jan 18th, before I left for airport so I did not have a chance photograph it :-( From my previous record I know it takes 10 days for the pupa to emerge so this pupa should eclode next Thu Feb 28th. Let's see if my prediction is correct.

This morning, Smyl from GCS found another caterpillar on her Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens). The caterpillar looks suspeciously like the Common Palmfly caterpillar in the previous post - 2 horns on the head, 2 long pointed tails at the rear. However, the Common Palmfly caterpillar is green in color and has yellow lines along it s body while this one is all brown without any lines or patterns. Maybe this is a freak Common Palmfly caterpillar ! Anyway, the only way to find out is to rear it so I am going to rear this one and see what it is.

19/2/08 - Before I managed to collect the caterpillar, Smyl sms me that the caterpillar has died. Most likely the caterpillar has been attacked by parasitic wasp ;-(

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