Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hot off the press !!

The two skipper eggs are just too small to see clearly with naked eyes. The diameter of the #C8 egg (photo below, left) is ~1mm while that of #C9 (photo below, right) is only ~0.6mm. So once again I have to resort to taking macro shots to examine the eggs.

Isn't digital camera amazing !!?
- The egg on the left shows something developing inside it.
- The egg on the right has changed colour. We can't see through the egg shell but it looks like it is developing as well.

Now I know both eggs are still well and alive. Yahoo !!

Did you notice the similarity and differences between the 2 eggs ?
- Both eggs have the shape of part of a sphere.
- The egg on the left is smooth while the one of the right has ridges.

If you are observant you would have noticed that one egg is laid on a monocot leaf while the other is on a dicot. These are all important clues which will help to narrow down the ID of the eggs. I will write about the significance of these clues in another post.

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