Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It is a moth !!

The pupa on the Cinnamon leaf eclosed last night at about 9pm ;-) The time of eclosion tells us it should be a moth and indeed it is !

It is a small moth, about 32mm across. I am sure you have noticed the basal area of the right forewing is transparent. The reason is the scales did not detach peoperly from the pupa case and you can see it on the empty pupa on the right!

I wrote in my Feb 18 post that the Baron pupa (C#4) should eclose on Feb 28th. It eclosed this morning, Feb 26 (8 days in pupa stage), 2 days earlier than the other Baron pupa ! It is a male and I released it back to Clementi Woods Park.

The 2 eggs I collected on Sunday still have not hatched. I am still keeping my fingers crossed, hoping they will hatch in the next one or 2 days.

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