Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Hawk moth in my garden

Yesterday morning while I was watering my plants, I noticed something fast flew past me and landed on a plant. On closer examination, I realized it is a hawk moth

This is the first hawk moth I have seen in my garden (not counting those I reared).

The moth looks familiar, its shape and size are similar to Eupanacra borneensis which I have reared but the markings are different.

Dorsal view:20100111_D4961-640

Ventral view:

After some research, I found out this is E. borneensis after all, but a female. This species exhibits sexual dimorphism !

All the E. borneensis that I have reared thus far are male. I wonder why ?  Maybe I should rear a few more to find out what the male/female ratio is like ?  Anyway,this is how the male looks like, totally different from the female :

Enpinanga borneensis (m)-320

So this moth most likely came from Clementi Woods Park which is just next to my apartment. 

I wonder when will it’s close relative, Eupanacra elegantulus, visit my garden ? 

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