Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First new species for 2010 !

This morning a Plain Tiger circled around my garden and eventually landed on my Heliotropium indicum bush !  new_YES[1]

This is the first new species for my garden in 2010 and this is also a species that I wanted to have in my garden.  

Danaus chrysippus chrysippus-GanHome_20100106_D4917-640

Danaus chrysippus chrysippus-GanHome_20100106_D4925-640 
By now 11 species of butterflies have visited by garden on the 6th floor !

When I moved to my new place about 1.5yrs ago, I wanted my garden to attract butterflies. Specifically, I wanted the following butterflies to visit my garden :

- Common Birdwing
- Lime Butterfly
- Common Mormon
- Painted Jezebel
- Plain Tiger
- Common Tiger
- Blue and Dark Glassy Tiger
- Peacock Royal

I planted a lot of butterfly larva and nectar plants and 1.5 years later all the above butterflies except Common Birdwing, Common Mormong and Common Tiger have shown their presence.  (Isn’t it funny all three have name that starts with ‘Common’).
My Aristolochia tagala vine has started growing and I am hoping I will get to see Common Birdwing around my garden in 2010.

Aristolochia tagala and Tylophora sp

Just now while having my dinner in my balcony a tiger moth (Dysphania sp) flew pass me and landed on a flower !  I immediately went to get my camera and took a few shots.  The moth turned out to be Dysphania glaucescen, a geometrid moth, one which I have not photographed before.

GEO Geo Dys-Dysphania glaucescen-GanHome_20100106_D4940-640 GEO Geo Dys-Dysphania glaucescen-GanHome_20100106_D4945-640 
Moths from this subfamily are day flying and can be seen around flowering plants during the day.

You can see photo of other Tiger moths from Singapore and Malaysia in my Dysphania Flickr album.

What a good start for 2010 new_thumbsup[1]

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