Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First batch of butterflies for 2010

The Lime Butterfly have returned and left its babies on our Kaffir Lime plant for my Mrs to care for. Those caterpillars have pupated recently :Papilio demoleus malayanus-20100112_D6261-320 
and emerged yesterday.

Papilio demoleus malayanus-20100119_D5016-320

Two were perfect and flew off after they dried their wings but one came out deformed :-(

My Mrs now has a head start on me for 2010.  Mrs 2 : Gan 0.

I am currently rearing 3 caterpillars 
– Lepord caterpillars feeding on Flacourtia rukam,
- possibly Phaedyma columella singa feeding on an unidentifed plant from my condo and
- nettle moth caterpillar feeding on the leaf of Syzygium javanica aka Jambu Air.

Hopefully I will overtake her in a few weeks time ;-D

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