Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to Fraser’s Hill - 3rd time lucky – Part I

This is my third trip to Fraser’s Hill and I have 3 lifer !

The first is a small white inconspicuous lycaenid. I was trailing an Abisara savitri when I noticed a tiny white ‘moth’ flew out form under a leaf. It has a weak moth-like flight and is about the size of a Lesser Grass Blue butterfly. I ignored it and continued to photograph the Abisara. The white moth then landed in front of me and I noticed it has clubbed antenna. It is not a moth ! I quickly snap a few shots and it turned out to be an uncommon lycaenid – Takara mahanetra.

Takara mahanetra-_MYFH_20110808_N073Takara mahanetra

My 2nd lifer was observed in the most unlikely place, inside Puncak Inn. It was in the evening and we were at Puncak Inn having our lemon tea when I noticed 2 butterflies trapped under the glass roof. Both were Arhopala but one looks interesting.

Arhopala paraganesa mendava_MYFH_20110808_N147

I borrowed Jee Kin’s camera which has the Tamron 180 on it, and took a few shots. It turned out to be another lifer for me ! It is Arhopala paraganesa mendava. According to book ‘Butterfly of Malay Peninsula’, this species is rare and confined to montane. This individual was recorded at 1000m.

Arhopala paraganesa mendava-MYFH_20110808_N146Arhopala paraganesa mendava

I encountered my 3rd lifer while we were checking out a road leading to an Orang Asli settlement. We saw a few small lycaenids fluttering under a cluster of bamboo leaves.

Miletus gallus gallus-Miletus gallus gallus-reservoir_MYFH_20110807_S020

On closer examination, we recognized the lycaenid as Miletus sp. The female were laying eggs where there were cluster of ants.

Miletus gallus gallus-MYFH_20110807_N135Miletus gallus gallus-KKBReservoir-MYFH_20110807_N150Miletus gallus gallus

The lycaenid was later identified as Miletus gallus gallus.