Saturday, September 19, 2009

Butterfly trip to northern Thailand – Part III

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We did our mothing at Soppong River Inn, Cave Lodge and a remote hill top.

At Soppong River Inn, the power supply was unstable as such we were only able to put up a blended mercury 120W light for a short period.

We also setup our moth screen on a remote hill top.


Unfortunately, our generator could only support 120W light :-(
There were not many moths, only 1 Sphingid, a few Arctiids and Geometrids.
VilmaPix-mothing on the mountain_thumb

At Cave Lodge, the power was stable enough for us to put up a 400W MH light.VilmaPix-mothing at cave lodge hut_thumb[4]
The light attracted not only moths but cicadas, praying mantis, butterflies and also curious neighbors who thought we were having a party.

Below are some of the moths and insects that came to the screen :

We had 4 butterflies, including Lethe kansa and Badamia exclamationis.
Lethe kansa kansa-Th_CaveLodge_20090903_5370-480 badamia exclamationis-Th_CaveLodge_20090903_5385-640



Dog Paw Moth – Plutodes sp.  This one is slightly different from the one we usually encounter in Malaysia – Plutodes malaysiana .
GEO Enn-Plutodes sp-Th_SoppongLimeStoneHill_20090904_4938-640

Pycnarmon spCrambidae-Pycnarmon sp-Th_CaveLodge_20090904_4939-640

Gunda sp
BOB-Gunda ochracea (maybe)-Th_CaveLodge_20090904_4980-480

Moth with long neck. Found out this is not a moth !
It is a Fishfly, Neochauliodes formosanus

Xyleutes mineus about to take off.
COS-Xyleutes mineus-Th_CaveLodge_20090904_4974-640-2

Apsarasa radians spreading its wings.NOC-Apsarasa radians-Th_CaveLodge_20090903_5381-640

Below are some of the hawk moths photographed at Cave Lodge :

Ampelophaga dolichoides
Ampelophaga dolichoides-Th_CaveLodge_20090903_5156-640

Elibia dolichusElibia dolichus-Th_CaveLodge_20090902_5532-640

Eupanacra mydonTh_CaveLodge_20090903_5171-640

Marumba dyras
Marumba juvencus-Th_CaveLodge_20090903_5159-640

Callambulyx rubricosa - one of the more colorful hawk moths.Callambulyx rubricosa (m)-Th_CaveLodge_20090904_4948-640

Clanis hyperion  - looks like Clanis undulosa from Fraser's Hill but 2/3 the size.
Clanis bilineata bilineata-Th_CaveLodge_20090905_4757-640

See more moth photos from this trip here.

I would like to thank Ian Kitching from BNHM for helping to id the hawkmoths

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