Thursday, September 17, 2009

Butterfly trip to northern Thailand – Part I

Early this month, a few of us from NSS spent 7 days at Pang Mapha district, Mae Hon Son province, Thailand.We took a Silkair flight to Chiang Mai, rented a 4WD and a generator and drove about 5 hours on highway 1095.  We stayed 3 days at Soppong River Inn and 4 days at Cave Lodge, both offer cheap and clean room with fantastic view and great home cook food.

I have lots of butterfly lifers as many of the butterflies in northern Thailand are either not found in Peninsula Malaysia or are of different subspecies.  We set up our moth light at Cave Lodge and got quite a decent amount of moths though not as many as in Fraser’s Hill.  All in all it has been a very fruitful exploratory trip.  We will definitely be back next year. 

Here goes the photos ..

Loading our luggage and generator onto the 4WDThChiangMai_20090831_5957-480

The weather was good, road condition was great and traffic was light. It was like driving in Malaysia except there was no oil palm or rubber plantation on either side of the road.

We had our lunch break at Care Coffee cafeTh_CareCoffeeCafe_20090905_4832-640

Lunch menu and the house special dragon fruit ice sorbet.Th_CareCoffeeCafe_20090831_5967-640Th_CareCoffeeCafe_20090905_4823-480 
Enjoying a Thai meal Th_CareCoffeeCafe_20090831_5966-640

View from the cafeTh_CareCoffeeCafe_20090905_4829-Panorama-800

At Soppong River InnVilmaPix-soppong river inn

My room

A very large lounge outside our roomsTh_SoppongRiverInn_20090831_5986-1270

and porch overlooking a ravineTh_SoppongRiverInn_20090901_5928-Panorama-480Th_SoppongRiverInn_20090901_5534-480Th_SoppongRiverInn_20090901_5543-Panorama-640

While at Soppong River Inn, we met Aaron Kwok (one of the Cantopop Four Heavenly King).  He was there for a UNICEF program to help underprivileged kids from the villages.  He stayed just next to our room and was kind enough to pose for a photo with us.  This is definitely our ‘catch of the trip’ !

VilmaPix-the heavenly king

Cave Lodge

Our lodges
Another view of our lodgeCelinePix-DSC_0107
That is me bird watching (yes I bird watch as well )in the morningTh_CaveLodge_20090904_5026-480

These are some of the places we went looking for butterfliesTh_ChiangMai_20090905_4820c-640 Th_Soppong_20090902_5907-640

CelinePix-DSC_0096  CelinePix-DSC_0174  CelinePix-DSC_0098 VilmaPix-scenic view with car  Th_CareCoffeeCafe_20090831_5961-640

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