Thursday, May 14, 2009

April Butterfly trip to Fraser’s Hill – Part 2

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We saw lots of colorful and interesting but only one new species of Hawk moth - Cypa decolor decolor.

Cypa decolor decolor
Cypa decolor decolor-MYFH_20090424_0970-640

Antheraea helferi borneensis (m)Antheraea helferi borneensis (m)-MYFH_20090425_0654-480

A very tattered Lamaireia loepoidesLamaireia loepoides-MYFH_20090425_0647-480

Two Ambulyx moorei
Ambulyx moorei-MYFH_20090423_0052-480

Eudocima homaena (f)
Eudocima homaena (f)-MYFH_20090424_0991-480

Plutodes malaysiana
Enn-Plutodes malaysiana-MYFH_20090423_0010-480 

Fascellina clausariaFascellina clausaria-MYFH_20090424_1001-480
and a few others I have not had time to id ..MYFH_20090422_0431-480 
MYFH_20090424_1066-480  MYFH_20090425_0740-480

Assassin Bug with its preyMYFH_20090423_0002-480



Pink-necked Green Pigeon at Ayer Keroh
Pink-necked Green Pigeon-MYFH_20090421_0509-480

Mountain Imperial Pigeon at High PinesMountain Imperial Pigeon-MYFH_20090424_0899-600

Cave Racer snake along the new road
Cave Racer-MYFHNewRoad_20090425_0778-600

The END.

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