Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My 1st Fraser’s Hill trip in 2010

It seems like ages since I last step foot on Fraser’s Hill but my last trip there was actually in November, just 4 months ago. Gosh, I missed the place.

This time round I brought along the Sony DSC-TX7 to take panoramic shots of my favorite place. The TX7 is a joy to use and takes spectacular photos with its HDR, Sweep Panorama and 25mm wide angle lens.

Misty Morning MYFH_20100321_DS0100-800

Full view of our bungalow, straight from the camera. Brinchang_MYFH_20100320_DS0082-800

Inside our bungalow.
The Smoke House at Fraser’s Hill.SmokeHouse_MYFH_20100322_DS0195-800
I think this is my #13 trip to Fraser’s Hill and I am still seeing lifer every time I come here.

This trip I have a butterfly lifer - The Indian Yellow Nawab ( Polyura jalysus ), which I spotted along the road while we were looking at Cicada.Polyura jalysus-MYFHRaub_20100322_D5951-640
The Blue Admiral ( Kaniska canace ) is a resident at Fraser’s Hill and likes to perch on a leaf.Kaniska canace perakana-MYFH_20100321_D565-640

The Yellow Banded Awl ( Hasora schoenherr ), one of the most colorful Awls, is uncommon in Singapore but not uncommon at Fraser’s Hill.Hasora schoenherr chuza-MYFH_20100320_D5339-400

Feb-Apr at Fraser’s Hill has the perfect weather for moths – cool, misty with light drizzle in the late evening. Our moth screen was covered with thousands of moths every night !

All in all, we have 31 different species of Hawk moths, 16 Golden Emperor moths (Loepa sikkima and megacore ) and 8 Luna moths (Actias maenas and selene ) ! On top of that we added 3 new species of Hawkmoths to our already long list : Hippotion velox, Clanis orhanti and Meganoton nyctiphanes.

Mireille with an Actias maenasanother Diana 0690-800

And after so many trips here, I finally see the female Actias maenas diana ! Below is a photo with the male at the top and female at the bottom.

Actias maenas-MYFH_20100323_D6056-1024

Another Luna moth – Actias selene perching under the roof.Actial selene (m)-MYFH_20100323_D6030-400

Melanothrix nymphaliaria - I only spotted this moth when I made my last round around the bungalow just before we depart.EUP-Melanothrix nymphaliaria-MYFH_20100323_D6099-640 When I first spotted it I thought it was a butterfly. It reminds me of the Yellow Barred ( Xanthotaenia busiris ).

Ambulyx canescens, a rather common hawkmoth at Fraser’s Hill.Ambulyx canescens-MYFH_20100321_D5528-640

Cypa decolor decolor – An uncommon and tiny hawkmoth.Cypa decolor decolor-MYFH_20100322_D5884

Owen spotted this interesting Cicada. It looks somewhat like the Trengganau sibylla, with red eyes and green color forewings. However it has a picture of a skull on its thorex. Maybe it should be named the Death-head Cicida :-D.
We have no idea what is the id of this cicada. Post a note here if you know the name or know someone who can help to id this cicida. MYFHRaub_20100322_D5956-400

Along the ‘new’ road, we saw this large (4” long) turquoise color beetle sunning itself on the leaf of the Tree Fern.


We also saw this interesting looking Praying Mantis.MYFH_20100322_D5810-640

Before I know it, it is time to pack and head back home. Times flies here !

Before we head off, Mr Lim took a group photo for us,


and Mrs Lim sending us off, knowing that she will be welcoming us back next moth !MYFH_20100323_DS0228-400


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