Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria (Moore, 1897)

Name : Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria
Common Name : Common Palmfly
Family : Nymphalidae
Subfamily : Satyrinae
Larva host plant : Dypsis lutescens (Palmae), Cycas sp(Palmae)

In Peninsula Malaysia, the subspecies tinctoria is found in Kedawi while it Thailand, it can be found through out Thailand.

In flight, the female of this subspecies can be easily mistaken for Danaus genutia and D. chrysippus while the male is indistinguishable from subspecies agina.

Female – underside
Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria (f)-Th_Soppong_20090903_5247-480

Female - upperside
Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria (f)-Th_Soppong_20090903_5238-480

Female ovipositing on Cycas sp.Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria (f)-Th_Soppong_20090903_5242-480

Life History Record

Date : Aug 2009
Larva Host Plant : Dypsis lutescens (Yellow Cane Palm)
Pupation period : 7 days

Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-20090904_5040-640

1st Instar Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-TH_Soppong_20090908_6153-640

2nd Instar
Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090831_5743

3rd Instar
Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090912_6150-640

4th InstarElymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090906_4728-640 

5th Instar , 50mm.
5th-Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090912_6144

Pupa :3-Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090927_DSC_2247-640

Adult (female):Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090928_DSC_2277-640

Elymnias hypermnestra tinctoria-Th_Soppong_20090928_DSC_2274-640

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