Saturday, August 15, 2009

Butterflies from Bunker Trail

Bunker Trail is one of the best place in Johor to see the Nymphalidae butterflies from the Limenitidae subfamily, which include the Tanaecia, Euthalia, Dophla, Bassarona and Lexias.

Below are some photo of butterflies from this subfamily which I photographed recently.  Enjoy !

Bassarona dunya – The Great Marquis, a big and robust butterfly that is supposedly common in northern part of Malaysia peninsula.
Bassarona dunya dunya-MyBunker_20090809_4066-480

Dophla evelina – The Red-spot Duke, another large and robust butterfly which can be seen at Bunker Trail.Dophla evelina compta-MYBunker-20090222_0040-480

Lexias cyanipardus – The Great Archduke (male), is uncommon.
It is larger than the Archduke (Lexia pardalis). The white spot at the wing tip is one of the ways to tell these 2 species apart.
Lexias cyanipardus sandakana (m)-MyBunker_20090809_4076-480

Euthalia sp – I am not quite sure what is this.MyBunker_20090809_4037-480

Euthalia kanda – The Yellow Baron.
Euthalia kanda marana (m)-MYBunker_20090719_3822-480 

Tanaecia palguna – The Long-lined Viscount, one of the many Tanaecia which can be easily mistaken for the Malay Viscount (Tanaecia pelea)
Tanaecia palguna consanguinea-MyBunker_20090809_4106-480

Tanaecia munda - The Peninsula Viscount, another Malay Viscount look alike.
Tanaecia munda waterstradti-MYBunker_20090719_3774-480

Tanaecia pelea – The Malay Viscount (female), ovipositing on Salacia euphlebia (family: Celastraceae)Tanaecia pelea pelea-MyBunker_20090809_4075-480

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johnson sau said...

Dear Sir, I was wondering how can I get to bunker trail? I have always wanting to visit it, but got no idea where it is although I am a Johorean, I hope you can advise

Thank you