Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rare hawk moth found at HDB void deck

Last Sunday over breakfast at a coffee shop, Simon mentioned he saw a hawk moth at the void deck at Toh Yi drive.  He showed me the photo on his phone and it is a species which I have not seen before. 

Meganoton nyctiphanes-Jun2009-SimonChan-480

The moth was eventually identified as as Meganoton nyctiphanes (Walker, 1856), the only species of Meganoton in Singapore and an uncommon hawk moth !

Well done Simon !

The other Meganotons (photos below) that are commonly seen in Malaysia are M. analis and M. rubescens

Meganoton analis, Fraser’s Hill, 2008Meganoton analis 


Meganoton rubescens, Fraser’s Hill, 2008 Meganoton rubescens

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