Sunday, April 5, 2009

Butterfly trip to Gopeng, Perak – Part II

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In addition to the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing, we also saw many magnificent and rare butterflies :

1. Doleschallia bisaltide continentalis (Autumn Leaf)

Doleschallia bisaltide continentalis-MYGopeng_20090312_0725-480

This subspecies is probably a migrant from Thailand and is synonym for Doleschallia bisaltide siamensis.  The other more common subspecies being Doleschallia bisaltide partipa and Doleschallia bisaltide australis (which is also a migrant).

2. Papilio nephelus annulus (Black & White Helen)

Papilio nephelus annulus-MYGopeng_20090313_0652-480

3. Ideopsis similis and Tirumala septentrionis (Dark Blue Tiger)

Ideopsis similis persimilis-MYGopeng_20090312_0180-480Tirumala septentrioni  septentrionis-MYGopeng_20090313_0543

I. similis is rare and is a lifer for me !

4. Thaumantis odana and Melanocyma faunula (Pallid faun)

Thaumantis odana  pishuna-MYGopeng_20090312_0214-480 Melanocyma faunula faunula-MYGopeng_20090312_0291-480

Unlike at Fraser’s Hill where the Pallid Faun are always perching high up on the tree, the Pallid faun here seems to be more friendly and flies very low and perches at eye level.  We saw 3 on one single trip

5. Catapaecilma major (Gray Tinsel) and 
    Rapala pheretima (Copper Flash)

Catapaecilma major emas-MYGopeng_20090313_0620-480

Rapala pheretima sequeira-MYGopeng_20090314_0500-480

The Gray Tinsel is a 5-STAR !

6. Koruthaialos sindu (The Bright Red Velvet Bob) and 
    Pseudocoladenia dan (Fulvous Pied Flat)

Koruthaialos sindu sindu-MYGopeng_20090313_0534-480

Pseudocoladenia dan dhyana-MYGopeng_20090314_0496-480

The Bright Red Velvet Bob is not uncommon at the the fringe of forest. 

We also saw 3 species of day flying ‘Tiger Moth’ on the last day !  These moths belong to the Geometridae family, Geometrinae subfamily and Dysphaniini tribe.

1. Dysphania sagana
Dysphania sagana-MYGopeng_20090314_0508-480

2. Dysphania subrepleta
Dysphania subrepleta-MYGopeng_20090314_0504-480 

3. Dysphania militaris
Dysphania militaris-MYGopeng_20090314_0487-480

You can see the other Dysphania moths in my Dysphania Flickr album.

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