Monday, September 1, 2008

Butterflies of Fraser's Hill - Part II

I will continue from where I left off on Butterflies of Fraser's Hill. Below are more exotic butterflies from Fraser's Hill :

1. Derca verhuelli (The Brimstone butterfly)
This one is very RARE and to the untrained eyes it looks like just another Pieridae. This is a lifer for me. This is the only species of this genus in Malaysia.

2. Triodes brookiana albescens (Rajah Brooke's Birdwing)
This is the king of butterflies in Malaysia. We found this track where RBB plies up and down the track. During one trip we saw >15 flying low along the track and after waiting for what felt like forever, one finally puddles with 2 Papilio memnon.

3. Amblypodia narada
This is another lifer for me. The upperside is deep shining purple-blue, just breath taking !

4. Delias Descombesi (Red Spot Jezebel)
This very pretty Pieridae is very common at Fraser's Hill. It usually stays high up at the canopy ;-( so it is difficult to get close up shot of this butterfly. The male is totally white on the upperside while the female is black dusted on the upperside forewings

to be continue ...