Sunday, June 1, 2008

Butterflies of Fraser's Hill - Part I

I am addicted to Fraser's Hill ! The variety of moths and butteflies there are just amazing. My recent trips there yield quite a number of lifers (Yasoda pita, Amblypodia narada, Cyrestis cocles earli f. earli and formosa, Derca verhuelli ...) and many close up shots of rare buttreflies - Pallid Faun, Wizard, Banded Peacock, Rajah Brooke's birdwing .. !

I will start by showing you some 'die-die must see' butterflies from Fraser' Hill :

1. Melanocyma faunula (Pallid Faun) - This is the one butterfly you must see at Fraser's Hill. It can be found at Jeriau waterfall but rest high up on at canope. Nick Baker found a freshly emerged specimen drying its wing at eye-level near to our bungalow !

2. Kaniska canace (Blue Admiral) - The next butterfly to look out for at Fraser's Hill is the Blue Admiral. It is a fast flier and like to perch at the tip of a leaf. I have seen this butterfly on 5 separate occasions, trice along Telecom loop, once along the road to Jeriau waterfall and another time along Sri Pahang road.

3. Heliophorus epicles (Purple Sapphire) - This is another rare highland gem. We shot this one near the children playground !

4. Delias descombesi (Red Spot Jezebel) - There are many beautiful Pieridae at Fraser's hill and the Red Spot jezebel is the most common Pieridae there. It can be easily recognize by the bright yellow hindwings and red streak along the costal margin.

5. Prioneris thestylis (Spotted Sawtooth) - This is a large and robust butterfly. The underside hindwing is entirely yellow with black veins.

6. Yasoda pita (Branded Yamfly) - This is the highland version of The Yamfly (Loxura atymnus). It is larger and has more rounded wings and is not uncommon at the hill top.

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