Saturday, December 6, 2008

Batwings and Clubtail

The Batwings and Clubtails are uncommon butterflies in Malaysia and I get excited every time I see one of these lovely papilionidae butterflies.

1. Parides (Antrophaneura) varuna (male and female) - Common Batwing.
The caterpillar of this butterfly resembles that of the Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae) and feeds on Aristolochia tagala.
2. Parides (Antrophaneura) nox (female)- Malayan Batwing.

3. Pachliopta neptunus (female)- The Yellow-bodied Clubtail
I have seen this butterfly a few times in Panti Forest in Johor but they were always too fast to photograph. On my recent trip to Cameron Highland, I found this tattered specimen flying around Tanah Rata area. I stretched out my hand hoping it would rest on my hand and it did ! I manged to take one shot with my P&S camera before it took off.

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