Friday, December 30, 2011

Butterfly Species #18 in my garden

Today, my Mrs alerted me to a 'large black butterfly' hovering over above me. I looked up and there is a King Crow (Euploea phaenareta castelnaui) circling over my garden !

The crow must have came from West Coast Park where there are many Pong Pong trees (Cerbera odollam), its larva host plant. It must have been attracted by my Dill plant. On 14 Dec, I spotted a Dark Glassy Tiger (Parantica agleoides agleoides) circling my dill plant and it stayed for 2 days before disappearing.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eupanacra elegantulus (Herrich-Schaeffer, [1856])

Name       : Eupanacra elegantulus (Herrich-Schaeffer, [1856])
Family      : SPHINGIDAE Latreille, 1802
Subfamily : MACROGLOSSINAE Harris, 1839 
Tribe        : Macroglossini Harris, 1839
Larva host plant : Alocasia,
Diffenbachia, Anthurium, Philodendron
Female : Mar 2008 Singapore 

Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N8173-640
Female : Mar 2008 Singapore 

Eupanacra elegantulus-20090109_2656-640
Jan 2009 Singapore

Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N8173-640 
Male : Mar 2008 Singapore

Male : Dec 2011 Singapore

Reference : The Sphingidae of Southeast-Asia

Life History Record :
- Dec 2011Diffenbachia
- May 2009Colocosia Black Magic
- Apr 2009Anthurium
- Jan 2009 - Philodendron selloum
- Mar 2008Alocacsia and Diffenbachia

Date : 3 Dec 2011
source : Gan
Location : MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore
Host plant : Diffenbachia


Date : 25 May 2009
source : GCS member “wolfman”
Location : Along Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore
Host plant : Colocasia Black Magic

Eupanacra elegantulus-20090521_1787-640 

Date : 28 Mar 2008
Source : Ling Chai Joo, ZMPS Parent volunteer
Location : Zhong Hua Primary School (ZMPS), Singapore
Host Plant : Alocasia and Diffenbachia amoena (Dumbcane)

Ovum ~ 1.3mmegg-Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N6103 
2nd Instar larva ~ 14.5mm
Cat2-Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N6105

Larvae T-B : Prepupa, 5th, 3rd instarcat-DSC09580-640

Final instar pre-pupa larva  :cat5-Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N6110

Pupa :
Pupa-Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N8192-640 
Imago (male) :Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N8173-640
Eupanacra elegantulus-200803-N8210-640

Date : 9 Jan 2009
Source : Mubaraka, GCS member.
Location : Along Holland Road, Singapore.
Host Plant : Araceae - Philodendron selloum

Philodendron selloum

Larva : 5th instarEupanacra elegantulus-20090109_0666-480
Pre-Pupa : The caterpillar build a ‘cocoon’ Prepupa-Eupanacra elegantulus-20090109_2344-640 
That is how the caterpillar looks like before it change into Pupa.  it is now about 0.6 of its original sizePrepupa-Eupanacra elegantulus-20090109_2351-640
Pupa : ~ 39mmPupa-Eupanacra elegantulus-20090109_2375-640
Adult (male):Eupanacra elegantulus-20090109_2665-480

Date : April 2009
Source : Navin Brian,
Location : Yio Chu Kang-Seletar area, Singapore.
Host Plant : Anthurium (Araceae)


NavinBrian@gmailcom-DSC_0330-400 NavinBrian@gmailcom-DSC_0364-400